Fort Polk Progress

CSM Timothy Sprunger, BG Shan Bagby, Mayor Rick Allen, BG David Doyle (2021)

Fort Polk Progress is a regional organization focused on coordinating the efforts of our local communities, the State of Louisiana and the Louisiana Congressional delegation in supporting the Army, the mission at Fort Polk, and the quality of life for soldiers and their families who are stationed in Louisiana. Read more…


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Our supporters are local leaders, business owners, retirees and concerned citizens who want to ensure that Fort Polk remains in the area.

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Fort Polk and the presence of the U.S. Army contribute significantly to our local economy. In the past, we’ve faced several risks of base closure and, without a doubt, the possibility will arise again. Our goal is to prepare in advance for these threats.

With that goal in mind, we seek ways to develop Fort Polk’s infrastructure, improve local educational opportunities, provide better spousal employment options, and to generally enhance the quality of life for each individual soldier and their family.

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Fort Polk Progress
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