Fort Polk Newcomers

Welcome to Fort Polk the best hometown in the Army! Our goal here is to ensure you feel welcomed to the area and have access to all the information anyone would need or want to know when relocating to our area. If you have any questions that you don’t see answered here, feel free to shoot us an email. You may also be interested in joining our Facebook group, Fort Polk Newcomers, where you can meet others who are also new to the area and interact with people in the know!

Update Your Profile

Log In:

On the Main Menu, under Members Home, you will find Member Log-In.

Using the Username and Password which was emailed to you, log in to your account.

Select Your Account.

Update your name and email if needed, then select Update Account. [Image 1-1]

Image 1-1

Change Password:

The first time you log in you should change your password from the generic one we supplied. On the vertical Account Menu [Image 1-1], click the asterisk or Password icon and fill in the form to a personalized password of your choosing. Select Update Password to save your changes.

Update Your Profile:

Click the Profile Icon [Image 1-1]. This will take you to your Profile Page. It will already have some info in place, but you can change anything that is incorrect or doesn’t suit your needs.

Image 1-2

Click the Gear Icon [Image 1-2] and choose Edit Profile.

Make any changes to the text boxes. [Image 1-3] NOTE: The text box on the right will accept only 40 words.

Click the camera icon or Upload Logo [Image 1-3] which is covering the icon/gravatar image at the top. This will offer several options – you may see an option to Change Photo / Remove Photo or, if none have been added, to Add Photo. NOTE: In order to fit properly, your logo will need to be more of a square shape with plenty of white space around it.

Image 1-3

Upload Images:

You can upload as many as 5 images to your profile with the Upload button. Click the button and you can either drag the file directly into the window or browse for the files on your device. NOTE: Can only accept JPEG or GIF images.

Add Social Media Links:

You can add links to Social Media accounts by pasting the URL in the appropriate box below the labels. [Image 1-3]

Click the Update Profile [Image 1-3] button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Click the Finished Icon [Image 1-3] to view your profile as visitors will see it.

What Visitors Can See:

Everything that you added when you edited your profile, plus they can use the Profile Menu to view any comments you’ve made to our blogs, photos you’ve uploaded, or jobs that you’ve listed. [Image 1-2]

Posting a Job:

To post a job, visit or use the Gear Icon to open your Account Page [Image 1-1] and use the link at the bottom.

Complete the form, Click Preview at the bottom and if it looks great, click the Submit Button or choose Save Draft if you need to come back to it. When your post has been approved by an administrator, it will show up on our Job Postings page, along with any others that have been submitted by other members and from the link on your Profile Page, with only your jobs displayed there.

Editing a Job Posting:

If you have saved a draft that needs to be completed or if you need to make a change before the job has been approved and posted by a website administrator, you can access them from the Account Menu on your Account Page. [Image 1-1] Select the Jobs Icon (newspaper) to open a list of all your jobs that are awaiting approval and drafts that you’ve already created. Click the ellipses (…) next to the one you want to edit and you’ll have several options — to Continue Submission, Edit, or Delete. If the job has already been posted by an administrator and you need to make changes, please contact or