Here are some quick guidelines for successful social media posts:

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The Anatomy of a Successful Facebook Post

  1. Has a Clear Goal.
  2. Asks for Engagement.
  3. Includes a Photo and a Link.
  4. Is Brief, but Uses Compelling Language.
  5. Isn’t Always Promotional.
  6. Is Provocative (or Inspirational)
  7. Keep it Real, and Relevant.

Quick Twitter tips:

  1. Limit to 1-2 hashtags per Tweet.
  2. Be conversational.
  3. Keep your copy short and sweet.
  4. Use images, GIFs, and/or videos whenever possible.
  5. Monitor events and trending conversations.

Fort Polk Progress tips: 

  1. Follow the tips above for the platform you choose. 
  2. Think community! How can your post help bring people together? We’re especially interested in helping Fort Polk soldiers and families feel welcome. Do that. 
  3. Be encouraging! How can your post help others (especially soldiers and their families!)? Do that!

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